Hello there! We're AW.

A small but mighty design & development collective that specializes in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

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We're a team of creative individuals and furry animals who are passionate about design, user experiences and helping businesses succeed. We believe in the profound impact of design and UI/UX, elevating experiences, and inspiring people globally.

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Our Story

In 2002, my journey began with self-teaching HTML/CSS. The power of websites to connect people worldwide amazed me, especially when I moved to the U.S. and used a website to stay connected with my loved ones. This experience sparked my passion, and I delved into exploring the endless possibilities of websites. As technology advanced each year with new devices, browsers, programming languages, and platforms, I embraced the changes, always eager to learn.

Having gained valuable experience with both big brands and small businesses, as well as collaborating with different agencies, I felt ready to embark on my own entrepreneurial journey. In 2022, I realized my love for working on multiple brands, allowing me to be more creative and solve diverse problems through unique creative and user experience solutions. Additionally, I discovered joy in mentoring fellow designers and developers, ensuring their growth in the industry. This led me to establish AW, which stands for Aerys Wren, inspired by my daughter.

At AW, our mission is to help businesses succeed by delivering high-performing creatives and exceptional user experiences. To achieve this, we prioritize building the right team and investing time in setting them up for success. Our team is our greatest asset, and we continuously evolve and grow, which translates into success for our partners. We aspire to inspire and invite you to join us on this journey. Let's create something great together.


Founder & Digital Director